PANINI Integrated School Programs


for JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2025
Transformational Programs

For Students Presently in Class X (going to XI in the year 2023)

These programs also prepare students comprehensively for other Engineering Entrance and respective Competitive & Scholastic Exams.

The long-term focus of these transformational programs is to raise your IQ i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve your thinking process. This empowers you to achieve best possible ranks in JEE Main, JEE Advanced and attain phenomenal success in XII Boards, Olympiads. Even if you are not eyeing a bachelor’s degree in engineering, these programs will build sound fundamentals and brace you for higher studies.

PINNACLE & PANINI are a revolution in school education, in fact, education at all levels. These programs prepare Students for JEE Advanced within school schedule ensuring top success in JEE Advanced as well as JEE Main & XII Board Exams. What’s more ? Students don’t have to compromise on sports & other such extra-curricular activities while preparing for Exams. FIITJEE prepares you for JEE Advanced & JEE Main in a Pattern Proof Mode. This means that you are prepared to give your best and optimum performance even if the pattern of the exam is changed at the last minute. We are the only institute whose Students do well not only in JEE Main & JEE Advanced but also in XII Boards & Other Engineering Entrance Exams. All FIITJEE Students who qualified for JEE Advanced also scored well in their XII Board Exams thus figuring in the Top 20 percentile of their respective Boards.

Entire course of PINNACLE Program is covered in 8 phases (Class XI – 4 Phases & Class XII – 4 Phases). Classroom contact hours of approx. 1364 hrs. i.e. (690 hrs. in Class XI & 674 hrs. in Class XII) with FIITJEE Team is envisaged. PANINI Program duration is more than PINNACLE Program. However, the actual total input provided to the Student does not include additional doubt removal sessions, Rank Improvement Program (RIP), All India Internal Test Series (AI2TS), All India Common Phase Test, Grand Masters Package (GMP), Computer Based All India Test Series (AITS) and 24 / 7 accessible Online Test Series along with Test Analysis Sessions which also are a part of the program.

All FIITJEE Integrated School Programs are a part of our social efforts and the fee that we charge is less than the cost of delivery of these programs. We encourage Students / Parents to choose an Integrated Program over after the School regular program to prepare for JEE Main & JEE Advanced without additional stress.


Serious students aspiring to succeed with a good Rank in the IITs understand the importance of starting early in their preparation for JEE. As the JEE Main & Advanced have become more competitive now, it is necessary to build a strong fundamentals base, as early as possible. FIITJEE’s early edge programs are designed to give serious students that extra advantage that can help them get a Top Rank in JEE Main & Advanced.

  • Gives you more time to adapt to the quantum jump in the level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation over a longer spread-out academic plan.
  • Optimum utilization of available time.
  • Early starters will always have more time before the actual Board & Engineering Entrance / Other Competitive / Scholastic Exams as their course curriculum will finish much before the batches starting later.
  • More time to consolidate on one’s performance and for self-revision, polishing of examination temperament & removal of last moment doubts. This is very vital to help students achieve a quantum jump in their Ranks.
  • As serious aspirants would never like to wait, the competence of the batch starting early would be very high because the brightest of the lot will join at this stage; thus, giving you better competition you always wanted.
  • Earlier tests & joining FIITJEE give you more time for academics at a lower fees.